Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Cloning junk mail filters

Thought this might be useful for some:

I have iMacs at work and at home, both running OS X 10.3.x. One of them
was trained pretty carefully to filter out junk mail and did so quite well,
the other wouldn't recognize ANY junk mail.

Pawing into ~/Library/Mail, there was one file that I couldn't clearly
identify: ~/Library/Mail/LSMMap2. I Googled the name, and sure enough,
the following story came up:


Briefly, ~/Library/Mail/LSMMap2 is the "brains" of the junk mail
filtering system. To start junk mail retraining from zero, quit
Mail.app, erase the file, and relaunch mail. To copy over rules
"learned" on another computer, copy over that file from said computer
and presto.